TechFurMeet 2019
Hotel Vršovská Brána, Horní Bradlo, CZ
2019-02-07 >> 2019-02-10
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We are working on SIGs and events. But even now the topics for main workshops are:

You're welcome to create your own SIG. If you have anything you would like to share, please contact us.

What would be part of the kit

This years kit will cost 800 CZK (about 30 €) and will contain a lot of interesting parts:

Using full potential of an Arduino, more operations "at once"

We will look at core of an Arduino device, how Ticks, Elapsed Millis, Elapsed micros works. We will try working with intervals, interrupts and interrupts created by timers. We will explain how interrupts work and basic operations of ATMEGA. We will try to do two operations at once, for example reading data from sensor and at same time writing value to display and telling user so we are reading data. (TekuSP)