TechFurMeet 2019
Hotel Vršovská Brána, Horní Bradlo, CZ
2019-02-07 >> 2019-02-10
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Privacy policy

This website processes certain personal data of users under the European Parliament and Council regulation no. 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This document describes handling the aforementioned personal data.

  1. The organizer of the event, as well as the operator of this website and administrator of the personal data is the organization ZodiaCon, organization ID (IČO) 22851216, main office address Chládkova 1121/16, Žabovřesky, 616 00 Brno.
  2. Unless you are registered for the event, we do not gather nor process any of your personal data. An exception can be made if you send us a direct question using a contact form (then we will use your email address to answer the question) or if you opt for our newsletter (then we will send messages regarding our events to your email; you can opt out of this service by clicking a link which is part of every such message).
  3. If you are registered, we gather the following data:
    1. Your nickname, profile picture (avatar) and country of origin will be made public in the list of the registered participants and will also be displayed on your card you must wear visibly during the event. Providing this data is necessary for taking part in the event; it will be stored for up to one year after the end of the event.
    2. Identification and contact information (Name, date of birth, address, ID number, email address and telephone number) will only be available to certain members of the organizing team. Providing it is necessary for taking part in the event, because they are essential for ascertaining your identity and solving potential urgent problems. The data will be stored for up to one year and will not be made available to any third party. It will only be available to select members of the organizing team.
    3. Some of this data (Name and date of birth of Czech citizens and name, date of birth and ID number of others) will be provided to the operator of the accommodations for the event, which is the company Vršovská Brána s.r.o., ID (IČO): 620 24 451, main office address 539 53 Vršov č. p. 19 for the purpose of complying with the lawful obligations (especially registration of accommodations for the purpose of paying local fees and the evidence of accommodated foreigners). The time for which the data will be stored is dictated by the law and providing it is necessary for being accommodated in place of the event.   
    4. Some of this data (Name, surname, address) will also be processed for the accounting purposes. The extent of this data and the time for which we store it is dictated by the law. This data can be shared with a third party for the purpose of bookkeeping and providing it is necessary for taking part in the event.
    5. Your email address will be used to send you important information about the event and system notices; the address will be stored and processed for up to one year after the end of the event and providing it is necessary for taking part in the event.
    6. We will also send information about further events to your email address until you opt out. You can opt out by clicking a link which is a part of every such message.
  4. The source of personal data is only you as their subject. We do not gather any data other than that you actively provide us with. This data is not used for any kind of profiling or automatic processing.
  5. If your personal data is incorrect, you can usually correct it yourself using the registration system interface. If you no longer wish to take part in the event, you can delete it; if you do, we will not further process it above the degree required by law (especially for bookkeeping in case you already paid).
  6. You can at any time rescind your freely given agreement with the processing of your personal data. Rescinding your agreement does not impact the processing of data you have already provided and agreed for us to process before you rescinded your agreement. Rescinding your agreement also does not impact processing information that we process on a legal basis different from your agreement, such as if processing it is necessary for taking part in the event, if we have a legal obligation to process it or for another reason within the current legislative norms.
  7. You have the following rights regarding your personal data:
    1. The right to rescind your agreement with its processing at any time
    2. The right to correct it and add to it
    3. The right to request limitations on their processing
    4. The right for objection or complaint against its processing in certain cases
    5. The right to request a transfer of the data
    6. The right to access the data
    7. The right to be informed about the security of your data being compromised in certain cases
    8. The right to request erasing of your personal data (the right to be   „forgotten“)
    9. Further rights according to the law and GDPR.
  8. Transmitting your data is secured by TLS cyphers (HTTPS protocol). The application is created in accordance with generally accepted best practiced in the field of computer security.
  9. Infrastructure for the web is provided by Altairis s.r.o. company and uses services provided by Microsoft Azure and CloudFlare.
  10. You can use the contact form to use your rights regarding your personal data and to ask questions about their processing in our system. We will reply as fast as we can.
  11. The agency charged with oversight over processing of personal data is Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů (the Fffice for Prsonal Data Protection). You have the right to lodge a complaint with it if you believe your personal data is not being processed in accordance with the law. If you are a member of a different member state of the EU, you are in cases defined in the GDPR entitled to lodge such a complaint with an equivalent office in your home country.