TechFurMeet 2019
Hotel Vršovská Brána, Horní Bradlo, CZ
2019-02-07 >> 2019-02-10
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Welcome to TechFurMeet 2019

We would like to invite you to TechFurMeet 2018 - the third year of event for technology-inclined furries, but not only for them. TFM isn't your typical furry con. We do not plan to do a furdance or fursuit events. Instead we plan to do some SIGs about computers, cyber security, electronics, 3D printing, microcontrollers... Just look at the events.

If you are interested in these topics, we are looking forward to see you. If you prefer more traditional furry con, wait for ZodiaCon 2019 at the end of spring.

How did TFM started? At ZodiaCon 2016, which has cyberpunk theme, we decided to do a short SIG about Arduino programming. That's how we discovered that there's a lot of furries, who are interested in elektronics, computers and related topics. So we decided to organize a weekend event just for them.

When and where will it be held?

TechFurMeet 2019 will be held from Thursday, February 7 to Sunday February 10, 2019 in the Vršovská Brána hotel, Horní Bradlo, near Pardubice, Czech Republic.

The hotel offers 34 two- to five-bed rooms, the total capacity is about 100 beds. Most of the rooms have their own WC and bathroom, some rooms have their own bathroom but share a WC (yeah, we don't get it either...). All the public areas and one room are wheelchair accessible.