TechFurMeet 2019
Hotel Vršovská Brána, Horní Bradlo, CZ
2019-02-07 >> 2019-02-10
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Traffic warning!

If you are going to TFM by car, avoid route between Horní Bezděkov and Vršov. The slippery hill is blocked by a truck and a bus.

Final version of schedule

We just published the (hopefully) final version of schedule of TFM 2019. Every attendee will get printed version during registration.

As usual, the schedule is more a guideline than a strict rule. In reality we can slide things according to interest of attendees.

What to take with you to TFM

We will supply you with most things you would need as part of your kit. You'll however have to bring some things with you.

Notebook computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OS and the following software installed:

USB Micro cable (after repeated quality problems we don't provide them anymore).

MicroSD card, 16 GB or smaller (the HW and SW used can have problems with bigger sizes).

Powerbank or 9 V battery.

Please, install the software in advance. Don't rely on installing it at con. We know from experience that the network has a tendency to collapse under the number of attendees, so install the software at home.

Advanced Arduino

Do you know how to blink a LED with Arduino and do similar things? Time to learn some more advanced stuff. On TFM you'll learn how to use interrupts and sleep mode on Arduino to save power and react to events on time. We'll also look into various memory types you can use with Arduino and even how to work with SD memory cards.

For more info see Events page.

X-Ray inspection units: Web know what you ordered from China

What can the customs official or airport security see in your luggage? Werewolf66 prepared a talk about capabilities and principles of inspection X-Ray machines. For more info, see Events page.

3D printing for "normal" people

Janys prepared a talk about current state and possibilities of 3D printing. We would also have several 3D printers onsite and upon agreement there will be opportunity to have some smaller things printed.

For more information see the Events page.