TechFurMeet 2019
Hotel Vršovská Brána, Horní Bradlo, CZ
2019-02-07 >> 2019-02-10
česky | english


I. Registration rules

  1. Only users registered at who paid the con fee will be admitted.
  2. The organizers reserve the right to refuse any registration, even without reasons being specified.
  3. If a registration is cancelled after the fee has been paid, the con fee is not refunded. It is possible to pass the registration fee on to another participant. The financial matters between the original and new payer are the sole responsibility of the original payer.
  4. Participants considered minors by Czech legislature (under 18 years of age) are required to provide a written consent of their parents before the event. A form for the consent will be provided by the organizers.
  5. The rules are binding for all users and participants. Accepting and observing them is required in order for a registration to be accepted.

II. Con behavior rules

  1. Official TechFurMeet languages are Czech, Slovak and English. Convention materials and important announcements will be available in Czech or Slovak and in English. Participants are expected to speak one of these languages.
  2. All convention participants are required to wear their badge in all public areas.
  3. Organizers wear red badges labeled ORGATEAM. Security team wears red badges labeled SECURITY. Should you have a problem, a question, or you are harassed by someone, don't hesitate to ask a security or an orgateam member for help.
  4. Minors wear blue badges. They may be refused access to some areas or convention events.
  5. All participants are required to obey local laws and regulations. They are also required to follow orgateam and security orders.
  6. Participants must not disturb con events or harass other participants with their behavior, excessive noise, or in any other way.
  7. All illegal substances are banned at the consite.
  8. Consumption of alcohol with the exception of alcohol bought at the consite is forbidden.
  9. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. This also applies to water-pipes.
  10. Organizers and security are entitled to remove anyone breaking these rules from public areas of the convention.
  11. In case of a major or repeated violation of rules, the orgateam is entitled to expel the offender from the convention. The con fee will not be repaid in that case, even partially.
  12. A participant can appeal to the orgateam against the decision of an organizer or a security member. The orgateam decision is final.